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What We Offer
Peace of Mind That a Professional is Taking Care of Your Remodeling Needs


At Hawkeye Renovations, we strive to bring professionalism back to the contracting industry. We understand that letting someone into your home can be a bit scary. We promise to take you through the process of hiring a contractor with ease, comfort, and confidence that you will be making the correct decision in your choice of a contractor. We do this by.......

• Providing you with a team of licensed experts in both design and construction

• We are BBB Accredidated and have ZERO complaints

• We carry a 2-year warranty on all of our labor. We stand behind everything we do!

• We keep a schedule of the project at your home and update it daily so you stay informed at all times.

• We are also here to help guide you in th direction of getting the most "bang for your buck". Residential remodeling can sometimes be a large investment, and it is important for you to know where each of your dollars go. All of our estimates are line-itemed and priced like a menu. This gives you the option of picking what you want to keep, and removing what you can do without. This puts the power in your hands.

• Our budgets include ALLOWANCES for all fixtures. This ensures there is no additional or hidden costs to you during your remodel. We take you shopping for each item, giving you a designer at your disposal for any questions you have or direction you may like. We are there to help you through the entire process of remodeling your home. "From Initial Design to Final Clean Up!" 

• During a remodel, cleanliness and quality of living for you is a huge importance to us. While installing dust control and sealing our workspace keeps out most of the dust, there can still be an infiltration of dust through the rest of your home. This is why we bring in professional house cleaners WEEKLY to clean the rest of your home. This is not a construction site to us, this is your home.

"Bringing Professionalism and Trust Back to the Contracting Industry"

Call us today and you can learn more about the professionalism we bring back to the contracting industry!

Scopes of Work
Residential Remodeling

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Decks
  • Additions
  • Fireplaces